Visual Comps



Reverse Engineer Sponsored Promotion


I chose to reverse engineer a sponsored Facebook ad for Airtable.

This post grabs my attention, and I really like the clean and professional feeling that it exudes.




The colors used in this ad work well for the feeling of cleanliness and competency. The use of white underlines the clean feeling and gives the eyes some relief.



This post is very simple but competent. The composition of the page is very boxy, with the page visually separated into sections. There are two side sections, and in the center is the content section. It feels like a webpage with different columns and information in each.



I love the contrast on this page, the blues and whites contrast nicely, but the main piece of color contrast here is the black line around the mac screen. I know most macs have these, but it is especially well used in this situation, as it draws the users eye to the main content of the ad.


Overall, I like how this promotion turned out. I feel like the image was well put together and inviting, and the text made me want to learn more.


Video Reverse Engineer

I love watching interesting or funny videos on social media sites. One of my favorites was posted by UNILAD and is credited to KINNE.

Here’s a link if you want to watch it.



The video uses multiple elements of design. The following are the most prominant elements from the above frame.



The frame shows a lot of contrasts, mostly because of the main background. Almost everything in the frame is a light or white color. Because of this, the shirts that the people are wearing stand out, and make them the focus of the frame. The text is also white on black, making it stand out.



The items in the frame are center aligned. Everything seems to flow out from the center of the screen. This alignment keeps your focus on the very center of the action. It also helps that for most of this scene the guy is talking, showing that he is the center of attention.

Rule of Thirds:


For the rule of thirds, there  are two main things that the film scene wants you to look at. First, the ‘magic’ laundry basket, and second, the expressions of the wife. Both are humorous, and they both are at points on the rule of thirds.


Overall, this video is engaging and a fun watch, the design elements used are on point, and it’s something that people can watch over and over again.


Article Promotion Reverse Engineer


I found an article by digitaltrends.com on linked-in.

The purpose of the article is to bring attention to Adobe’s announcement about project Aero, an new augmented reality tool for creating graphics. ArticlePromoRE

The audience of this article are business oriented individuals. They will have a love of technology, and appreciate knowing what is happening in the industry.

There are a few seascape principles used in this post:

First, the value principle is used. People that use Linked-in are professionals looking for articles, and keeping up with different industries. Those that use linked-in value articles that give them information and tell them about new things that are happening.

Second, the story principle is used. The title of the post is a ‘software secret’ which is interesting and grabs the users attention.

Third, the progress principle is used. This article is the epitome of progress showing a new technology emphasizing the progress that can be made with augmented reality.



The below image shows repetition in the color of the items. There is a lot of gray and orange, and these colors are repeated in the shirt of one lady, the stairs, the floor, and the augmented reality image that has been added.



The image used for the article promotion used proximity in the placement of the butterflies. They are all placed near each other, but are also placed near the silver branches. This helps to show the relationship between the butterflies and the silver branches.



Because the article is about augmented reality, it makes sense to have the image feature augmented reality. To do this, the silver branching and butterflies needed to contrast with the rest of the image.



In conclusion, I think the image used worked well in giving reference to what the article is about. I feel like the contrast could have been greater, and the colors might have helped with that.






Reverse Engineer: Smile with Lay’s campaign

Smile with Lay’s:

I chose to analyze Lay’s branding, mostly because I love the salty crunch of potato chips. Looking further into Lay’s branding, I noticed a few interesting things. First, Lay’s is promoting a very active branding style. They like to have people involved and interested in what they are doing. Second, they are a ‘fun’ brand, meaning that they encourage people to try fun things. This makes a lot of sense because chips and parties go together pretty well.

The smile campaign that lays is running emphasizes their involvement and fun aspect, which is represented by the value principle of seascapes. Lay’s collected donations to help children with cleft conditions regain their smiles, which contributed to the story seascape principle. Lay’s did something pretty interesting with their bags on this campaign, they incorporated smiles.


The above image is a great example of how they intended people to use their bags, and ‘get a smile’. This was a pretty clever idea, and made their bags and brand stand out.



For this example, there are multiple principles of design used, Repetition is used in the background of the image, by a pattern of smiling faces. The background of this image has multiple smiling faces, and while the size and type of the smiley faces changes, they create a subtle reminder of the purpose of the campaign. There are also smiles on all four chip bags, and three of the people in the image.  These smiles unify the ad, creating a sense of continuity among objects.



The below image shows the use of color in this campaign. A triad color scheme was used, with Yellow being the main background, with items of blue and red as accents. When you first glance at this image, you might not notice that all of the people are wearing similar colors, but upon closer observation, it becomes very obvious. The cohesiveness in coloring, as well as the bright and happy colors used, contribute well to this campaign.



There is a good amount of contrast in this image, but the part that I found most interesting was the bags of chips. Each is different, but they are all bags of chips. The colors differ widely from the rest of the image. Because of the similarities, and differences, the chip bags add visual interest to the page and draw the eye nicely.




All said and done, this is a very visually appealing ad. The contrast, color, and repetition of individual elements combine to emphasize a single message, “Smile”. The color is bright and appealing which speaks to the happy attitude that the campaign is showing. I love the smiles, and how seeing them makes me smile.