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What’s in an ad


The audience that I was assigned was male, of ages 55-64 that are married. Education is Bachelors degree, with an income range of 60,000 – 89,000, with a media consumption of TV and Social Media.


The ad I needed to complete was for pillows. Pillows mean sleeping to me, sleep is also something that you like doing more as an adult, and seeing as my audience is 55-64 this applied. The men I know that are in this age group are really hard working, and look forward to doing the things they love. My inspiration for this ad was a person doing something that they loved doing.

I used a complementary color scheme that echoed the brand I chose to use, this helped to apply repetition and relate the items together. I also used repetition in the shapes (the dream bubble echos the brand label). One thing that I really wanted to stand out was the header, ‘Live your dreams’ is the main concept, to show that this man is living while he is sleeping, this is time should be taken advantage of.

In my ad example, the gentleman in my image is living his dreams. He is exactly where he wants to be. The image below shows the ad I created, the larger size is for the TV ad, where the smaller ad is for Social Media.



This was a a little more difficult for me, I got to be creative, but I had constraints on what I could do, and how it would work for my audience. It was fun to learn more about Adobe Photoshop, though it was a little more complex than the previous programs I’ve used.